Join us on our journey as we bring to you the great roads of Northern California and beyond. 

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We can guarantee you amazing photos of bikes, friends,  places in Northern California and beyond as we find time from our daily grind to travel just a little bit more.

To all the GUYS

If you are a rider you'll know how fantastic it is to have your wife/gf on board with your motorcycle passion. Cindy tried to understand the obsession with riding and she did pretty good over the past 33 years.  She accepted my motorcycle "needs" at face value, until one day I said, I needed new tires!

Tip: make sure that doesn't happen within 60 days of the last tire purchase.  Even a distracted mother of 3 little ones will catch on that something is wrong with this picture of a motorcycle is "saving" us money.  From that day forward she started getting a little more motorcycle savvy and I started the "safety" needs.  Roll forward, children are grown....   

Scenic Power Sports - Husband and Wife team since 1984.



To all the GALS

I was the typical 1980's stay at home wife/mom to 3 beautiful children.  I knew very little about motorcycle - it was just another form of transportation to get you from point A to B.  Little did I know riding gets in your blood.  I tried to understand the addiction and failed many times over the beginning years.  Tyler was a good sport and went 1-2 years off/on without a motorcycle.  After seeing his withdrawals, dragging his lower lip, I finally agreed ONE bike must always be in the budget. 

I was very naive in the beginning years of our marriage ~ who knew bikes needed tires more than every 5 years, Ohlins, Two-Brothers, Bar ends, Mirrors...not to mention gear!

I quickly educated myself on motorcycles and decided it was time for me to quit staring at "DOT Snell Approved"  in 2008 I took my MSF with our oldest son and oh the JOY!